I am a single mother blogging about life on my own with my little girl. I write and do social media marketing from home, and also do some book keeping. Expect big things from me this year!

I began this blog in 2012, after I posted some of my writing on Facebook and a few friends suggested I set up a blog. I blog about everything from mundane daily tasks, to crafts, to household tips, to politics, to “aww look at my baby isn’t she cute.” (there's a lot of that last one, to be fair)

I also started #ArchiveDay on Twitter: every Saturday, bloggers tweet an old post with the #ArchiveDay tag, and RT other #ArchiveDay posts. The idea is to find new blogs to read, and new readers for your blog. If you have a blog and would like to join in, then please do so; the more the merrier. You don't have to have old posts from years ago to join in; anything older than yesterday counts as "archive" in my book!

My story
I had a monumental nervous breakdown in 2010, which I blogged about in several posts. The series starts here.
While I was recovering from that breakdown, I met a man and fell pregnant. The man turned out to be quite abusive, and my pregnancy wasn't much fun.
My daughter was born prematurely in April 2012, and shortly afterwards the relationship ended (for the umpteenth time) and I became a single mother. I blogged about this in a series of posts that start here.
And now? Now I am recovered from the breakdown. I am better; my life is better. I have learned some valuable lessons, and now I'm getting on with the fun part: life with a toddler!

Reviews on this blog
My daughter was born in April 2012. I am happy to accept and review any product that is relevant to us and our lives. Anything I do review will be written about honestly, expressing my own opinion (and my daughter's) of the product. Because of time constraints, and my desire not to have my blog become all reviews and no content, all reviews will be posted within two months of receiving the item. These are the reviews we have done so far

Working with us
I am open to suggestions when it comes to reviews, and will consider all offers. I will also accept competitions and sponsored posts, where they are relevant to the content of the blog. Any sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such.
To discuss reviews, competitions, or sponsored posts please email me: singlemotherahoy@gmail.com

As at April 2014:

  • this site's  UK Alexa Rank was 28,123. The global Alexa Rank was 671,322.
  • My Klout score is 64
  • This site is cached by Google around every 24 hours.

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  1. looks good :)

  2. Hi! nice blog you have here. Found you in mom bloggers club, following you now. Have a nice day!

  3. Its amazing How you handle everything being a single and having a little kid.its real inspiring for everyone.

  4. Wow, just discovered your blog. I admire your honesty sharing your personal story. Your pictures are fabulous and the little one is gorgeous! x

  5. I've just come over from your guest post on Vevivos... A beautifully written post Vicky. One that conveys so much raw emotion. Thanks for the insight...


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