Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Small Steps, Amazing Achievements: Thank You!

For months now, when S wanted me to take something out of her hands, she'd say ta, ta, ta, ta, taaa, ta, ta... until I did it.

I suppose because whenever someone has handed her something they've tended to say "ta!" she thought that was what the word meant: "take this thing out of my hand!"

Just recently, she's been saying "thank you" - or her own version of it , "da-doo" when I've taken something from her.

I'm not really one for forcing a child into politeness, so I've not corrected her or tried to force her into understanding how to say it; I think the best way is to lead by example, so I just make sure I say "thank you" when she gives me something - or when I have to try and wrestle a pen from her hand for bed time!

Yesterday evening we came in from nursery and I decided it might be nice to sit together and watch Arthur Christmas together (because I am a sucker for Christmas movies). We went to the kitchen and I got her a cracker. As I handed it to her I said, "can you say thank you?"


That's the first time she's ever associated saying thank you with taking something, rather than giving it. And she said it so sweetly, with a big old cheesy grin on her face like she knew she'd done something fairly awesome.

And then we sat and watched Arthur Christmas and had some cuddles.

Ethans Escapades


  1. It's so lovely when they start speaking, cherish those little made up words because they don't last long! #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. That's lovely, I can remember some of my eldest's funny words but really wished I'd recorded them. I too love Christmas films and was wondering whether I could start watching them this weekend-reading your post has given me the green light-we're going for it!

  3. Clever S!!! And well done Mummy for teaching manners at a young age.

    Popping over from #SSAmazingAchievements and also my Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

  4. Oh how lovely. S can say 'Pee' (please) when he wants something, but hasn't grasped the concept of thank you yet. It's lovely when you realised they've picked something up like that!

  5. Aww that is sweet - and there's nothing better than hearing good manners (apart from mommy and love you of course)

  6. Bless her! We get peese and ta xx

  7. What a lovely moment and I love that you got to have cuddles and watch a movie together too.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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