Friday, 8 March 2013

Look! A Personalised Photo Frame!

This week I was very lucky to receive a free i-pic photo frame to review for the blog.

These are photo frames that can be personalised on the front and back, and they're magnetic too. A great idea for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, basically any occasion where you might give a relative a framed photo of something, this is the site to go to.

They have hundreds of different themes to choose from: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries... but also some you wouldn't expect, such as star signs, cars and music. You can also just go ahead and personalise the frame yourself, which is what I did. All the frames have an option to have a metallic finish too, which is nice.

The nifty thing about this site is that you upload your photo, and it's encased in the frame - so you don't end up trying to cut down a photograph and fit it into a frame, or dropping the glass and smashing it before you've even put the photo in (not that I've done that before, cough cough...)

The website is a little clunky, and once you've personalised the front of the frame you can't go back to it afterwards, which is a little irritating - but on the whole, it's fairly easy to use and the steps are straightforward.

One of the best parts about this site is that I placed my order around 3pm... and the frame turned up the next day! Perfect for last-minute "oh crap I've forgotten to get a gift for granny and she's visiting tomorrow and I cannot be bothered to negotiate the shops again today..." moments. Not that I have those on a daily basis or anything.

So what does the final product look like?

Here is my photo, on my fridge where it makes me smile every time I go to fetch some milk:

i-pic personalised photo frame

I also decorated the back of my frame:

See that little round hole in the bottom corner there? That's where you screw in a handy little plastic bit, which allows the frame to stand on a desk or something if you'd rather.

I love my new photo, I think it's a great idea and ideal as a gift. I'm just too selfish to have made it as a gift for someone else! It's my gift to me, for being awesome. And the photo in it is one of my favourites.

Disclaimer - I received my photo free, in exchange for this post. The free photo was not dependent on my writing a favourable review, though.

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