Monday 15 July 2013

Review: BabyCup

I'm not going to lie; I wasn't asked to do this review, I blagged myself some free Baby Cups because they looked so great, and I wanted to try them!

SingleMotherAhoy Babycup

Babycup is the clever work of a lady called Sara Keel, who could never find the cup she wanted when weaning her three children, so decided to develop the exact cup she needed. She trialled the first Babycups in late 2012, and received rave reviews from dentists and orthodontists because it supports oral health, speech and jaw development, and encourages sipping.

Babycup recently won a bronze award in the Best Feeding Accessory category of the 2013 Loved By Parents Awards.

You can see, then, why I was keen to get my grubby little mits on some!

Until now we've used non-spill beakers with valves inside the spout, which require a lot of sucking to get any drink out - great for not spilling stuff everywhere, but these have been implicated in several concerns, such as jaw development, speech problems and tooth decay. These days many health professionals recommend using an open cup as often as possible. Most open cups for kids, though, are massive - difficult to negotiate, easy to spill. A Babycup is about the size of a shot glass, but made from BPA-free, phthlalates-free plastic. And in much nicer colours than any shot glasses I've had over the years!

You can get them in packs of four blue, pink, green and yellow - or in a multi-colour pack with one of each.

Babycup is recommended for an age range of 6 months to 2 and a half years. S is 15 months now, so a perfect age to start with it.

Toddler holding Babycup

I started off just giving her a little water in a cup at meal times. At first, she wasn't sure what to make of it, and ended up spilling a lot of it!

Drinking from Babycup

She picked it up fairly quickly though, and even started using it one-handed!

We use Babycup at every meal, and hopefully as she gains more control over not spilling it everywhere, we'll use it all the time and completely replace the non-spill beakers. At the moment, she's still doing the comedy "what's the time... wait, why are my legs wet" thing though!

Babycup as toy phone

It's also worth pointing out here that Babycups make an excellent toy phone.

The RRP for Babycup is £7.99 for a set of four. I think that's pretty reasonable, considering you'd pay that for one non-spill beaker.

For more information, email, or find her on Twitter: @BabycupHello.

Disclaimer - I received a free pack of Babycups in order to write this review, but the free product was not dependent on my writing a favourable review.

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  1. Helloooooo! Thank you for sharing your Babycup beginnings and this lovely blog post. It's great to see your gorgeous girl learning to sip and doing a great job. Even with the odd 'what's the time?, oops that's my drink!' moment! Highchair time is the perfect opportunity to start wee ones onto a healthy sipping habit. Your daughter's one-handed dexterity is brilliant! Super sipping superstar. Making it fun, learning a lifelong skill and being healthy all at once. Nice work fab mum xxx


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