Monday, 28 October 2013

Magic Moments: Play Time With Auntie A

My sister is a bit awesome. She spent most of the weekend with us, and most of Sunday taking care of S so that I could work and write an essay that was due in.

On Sunday morning I went and hid upstairs while S stayed downstairs with A. 

Single Mother Ahoy Play Time With Auntie

As I sat on my bed, trying to concentrate on a ridiculous assignment in which I had no interest, I could hear whoops of laughter, screaming, running, giggling. 

S climbed on things, jumped, ran around, played peekaboo, clambered over bean bags, sloshed water bottles, pulled faces, practised her new words. At one point I could hear her making "wibbly" noises as if she were being jigged on someone's knee, but when I looked she was sitting on the trolley her building blocks live in... with a big blanket wrapped around her, with my sister quickly wobbling her back and forth while they both grinned from ear to ear!

At one point my other sister Z came to visit with her partner and their son, E, who is only 9 weeks old. I think S enjoyed showing off, prancing about in her vest and wellies saying "oh dear... oh no!"

A often looks after S for me. Whenever she does, I remind her that I want it to be a treat for S to spend time with her auntie. She should look forward to it, and not feel that she's been dumped on someone so that I can go out or something. This weekend was the first time I've left A looking after S, but not left the house. The noise that came from downstairs while I was messing about with my stupid assignment made me smile. I wanted to sneak down here to see what was causing so much merriment! 

Later, while I cooked our tea, S spent half an hour running up and down the hall way, shrieking with delight as A opened and closed the living room door. I have no idea what was so funny, but it was positively hysterical.

I still feel very guilty that I barely spent any time with S this weekend... but I know she had a fantastic time!


  1. It sounds like they both had a fantastic time to be honest OK you missed out by doing your assignment but it gave those two precious time together

  2. Now you can relax when doing assignments as you know you're little one is having a great time

  3. Dont give yourself a hard time honey, it sounds like everyone had an amazing time!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  4. Must be so hard studying while you've got a child. I know I struggled before I had a kid to do study while I was working. Looks like S was having a great time though.


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