Saturday, 26 October 2013

Review: Baby Leg Warmers

Anyone who knows us, knows that we love our leg warmers.

When I started putting S in washable nappies, her bum instantly became too big for a lot of her trousers so I bought a couple of pairs of leg warmers. And there began our obsession. 

So when Nappy Kind Boutique offered us a discount in exchange for a review, I jumped at the change!

Look at the lovely leg warmers we bought:

I love these because they're great quality and wash really well, which is important with a messy toddler in the house! The bright colours are perfect for keeping warm and staying stylishly cool!

Here's a list of reasons I love leg warmers:
  • They come in loads of different and cool designs 
  • If your child is wearing washable nappies, or potty training, or doing EC, they keep legs warm without having to pull trousers up and down.
  • They're not affected by baby's growth - legs are still legs, and leg warmers will usually still fit just fine. They might just become a little shorter.
  • You can get them to suit any outfit
  • If you're carrying baby in a sling you can put them at the bottom of trousers to ensure ankles stay warm
  • If baby sleeps in a gro bag, and it's cold, you can put them over their arms to keep them toasty!
  • Nappy Kind Boutique usually have several on sale, special offers, promotions etc.
AND this weekend there is a special promotion on their website: enter "feelingchilly" at the checkout for a discount!

What are you waiting for??

Disclaimer: I was given a discount on my purchases in return for writing this post, but that was not dependent on a favourable review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Can't wait to get ours in the post to try out now! X

  2. Oh they're so cute aren't they?

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