Sunday, 24 November 2013

Messy Play: Snow!

When we did the porridge messy play earlier this week someone commented on my Facebook page saying she'd made snow with her children and they'd loved it. She gave me a link to the blog where she'd seen the snow, and it looked so easy and so much fun, we just had to try it!

The "recipe" is basically half a cup of hair conditioner to 3 cups of bicarbonate of soda. I added some silver glitter too because... well, any excuse! This is what it looked like in the bowl:

I poured it into a big baking tin and put a penguin cake decoration in it and presented it to S in the living room.

Look at that tongue poking out!

She seemed to enjoy using a small plastic dish to flick it out of the pan more than anything else, but the texture did eventually intrigue her.

She enjoyed making it snow, but most of the snow ended up on the floor or on her legs.
Then she discovered that her wellies were quite a good way of making it snow on a larger scale...

Here's a video of S enjoying the snow:

The clean-up on this one wasn't so much fun. Whereas the porridge is more dusty and brushes off clothes easily, the snow stuck to S's clothes and just came off like sand all over the place. Luckily my sister was here so she took S upstairs to change her clothes while I cleaned up.

The bicarb is very much like sand, which doesn't mix well with laminate flooring. It made it very slippery and was a nightmare to get up the vacuum cleaner. Also, once I'd cleared up all the bicarb, the conditioner was left behind and I had to wash the floor! 

You can apparently keep the snow and save it for another time in a plastic food bag; if it dries out you can just add some more conditioner. 
I ended up throwing all of ours in the bin because it was just going everywhere. I think perhaps when S is older we'll try it again and hopefully she'll be able to keep more of it in the container! It was really good fun, and she did enjoy it - but the porridge held her attention for much longer!


  1. we bought a huge big plastic table cloth in a £ shop that we use under us for arts and crafts, makes the clean up easier but doesnt stop the fun.

  2. Messy play is brilliant fun but a nightmare to clean up - I've actually started to do things like this in the bath, then I can just wash the mess down the plug :)


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