Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Favourite Autumnal Flavour

Today on NaBloPoMo we are looking at autumnal flavours.

For me, the best autumnal flavour is stewed apple. 

I buy cooking apples by the absolute bucket load, and stew them in a massive pot on the stove. The best thing about stewed apple is that it's easy to do, and difficult to get wrong. 

Chop apple, put in pot, put on low heat, wander off, come back in about half an hour and stir. 

Just lately, I've been making "Christmas" apples - this is basically stewed apple with mixed spice, cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in - in whatever quantities I feel like when I'm doing it!

Once my apples are stewed, I leave them to cool and then spoon into old weaning pots, before labelling them and putting them in the freezer. On weekends and days off, we have one of them in our porridge, or I put them in pancakes - or heated on ice cream or in custard... Yep, I love stewed apple.


  1. Ohh yum! That sounds very tasty :) x

  2. Sounds very tasty and very easy to make. x x x


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