Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Britain's Best Blanket Fort?

Do your children enjoy building blanket forts?

We made one the other day that also incorporated S's big box, and she was in heaven. It's such an easy way to entertain children whilst indulging their imaginations. They can become whoever they want, defending their castle against monsters or being King of the Castle. S enjoyed playing an elaborate game of Peekaboo in hers, hiding behind the blankets we'd used while I tried to find her.

Peekaboo! Someone's in there... somewhere...

Well, The Furniture Market are currently running a competition for Britain's Best Blanket Fort!

All you have to do is tweet (@marketfurniture) using #BlanketFortComp or Instagram tagging @thefurnituremarket with the hashtag. They will publish entries onto their Facebook page and Pinterest board. Every fortnight they'll choose the most imaginative fort to win £100 in Love 2 Shop vouchers. Easy!

The competition is already up and running, and will keep going until they announce the end date - so there will be lots of chances to win!

Right! That's enough blogging, we're off to build the queen of all blanket forts!!


  1. good luck. the ones in the garden using the washing line were our favourite as kids

  2. I loved blanket forts. Good luck !


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