Saturday, 28 December 2013

Meditation Chatter

I wonder what's going through their minds...
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Things that go through my head while I am meditating:

  • My head/nose/bum/arm/leg/foot itches.
  • What was that noise, is S awake? I hope S is not awake.
  • What was that noise, I hope that noise from outside/next door/downstairs/wherever shuts up and doesn't wake S.
  • Must remember to take those leftovers out of the fridge, they probably need to go in the bin now.
  • I wish people around here were able to communicate without shouting/screaming/banging/horn beeping.
  • What was that noise? Did I turn the oven off?
  • I wonder if everyone else has these stupid thoughts when they're meditating.
  • My back hurts.
  • Oops, almost fell asleep again!
  • Must remember to go online and pay my rent in a minute.
  • Don't link the matnra to the breath, don't link the mantra to the breath...
  • I'm doing it, I'm really meditating right now... oops no you're not Vicky, you're thinking random thoughts, not your mantra.
  • I could write a blog post about this.

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  1. I love this (and the rest of your blog actually). I too have just started yoga and meditation and do exactly this!! Look forward to reading more of your posts on this :) Here's to clear minds an positivity in 2014! L x


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