Friday, 20 December 2013

Weekly Gratitude Linky 2013-12-20

I've had a pretty tough week, you may have noticed. But there are still things for which to be thankful, even when you're having a hard time.

I am thankful for the friends who try to talk sense into me on a regular basis.

I'm thankful for the friend who, upon seeing on Facebook that I was in desperate need of eggs this week, turned up with a box of eggs and a bottle of cava.

I'm thankful for my gorgeous daughter who hasn't yet learned the stupid rules that govern the rest of us ("not size zero = fat" or "fat = worthless" for example)

I'm thankful for the Damsels in Success community who offered up links, books, videos and general support to me this week and even called me "brave" when I was having a massive crisis of confidence.

I'm thankful for the lady I met at a party who seemed genuinely shocked to find out I was 32.

Now it's your turn. The rule of this linky is very straightforward: link up any post at all that is positive. The idea is that someone going through the links will be met with happiness, gratitude, positivity and general smiles to set them up for the weekend.

If you'd like to follow me on Facebook or Twitter also, I'd love to see you. And I'd also appreciate a comment. But only if you feel like it.

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