Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine

I was offered some alcohol free wine to review, which was nice. At first I was a bit confused as to the point of alcohol free wine, but then I thought about it, and spoke to a few people.

More than one friend told me, alcohol free wine got me through my pregnancy!

At first I thought, surely if you don't want to drink alcohol, then you'll just drink lemonade or something. Having tried this though, I have to say I think I've changed my mind!

I tried the Rosé and was pleasantly surprised to find that it tasted just like most other Rosés. I had a lovely glass of wine yesterday evening after putting S to bed, and it was nice to just sit and relax with a glass of wine, without worrying about getting drunk or having a headache in the morning (yes, I really am that much of a lightweight that one glass of wine can give me a headache now).

The reason it tastes almost the same as normal wine is that it's made in the same way - but at the end of the process, the alcohol is removed with some clever jiggery pokery to leave all of the flavour but no alcohol. Genius!

The good thing about this wine is that, as well as having no alcohol, it has a third of the calories of normal wine - so it's practically a diet drink (or that's what I'm telling myself). One glass has just 34 calories.

I can see now why they say that Eisberg is the perfect gift for new mums and mums to be.

Eisberg comes in four varieties: the "juicy and succulent" Rosé which I tried, an aromatic Riesling, a crisp Chardonnay or a fruity Carbernet Sauvignon. I'm tempted to try the Cabernet next to be honest... I do miss having a nice glass of red in the evenings. I gave it up because I have a toddler who can't be relied upon not to wake me at shit o clock, something I just can't cope with if I've had even a sniff of a drink!

The full range is available in Morrisons, with selected varieties in Asda and Waitrose. They retail at just £3.50 as well, so a lot cheaper than your usual bottle of plonk! Or you can visit the Eisberg website here.

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  1. Sounds great! I've never understood the mentality of drinking just to get drunk. I'm an awful drunk and have actually really enjoyed not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. That said I miss the taste of wine, and gin etc... this would be a perfect substitute for my usual wine!


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