Saturday, 22 March 2014

Weekend Blog Hop 2014-03-22

Happy Weekend!!!

I hope you've all had an absolutely fabulous week! I'm missing hearing what everyone has been up to on social media, and would encourage you all to comment or drop me an email with all the gossip... I miss the gossip! I've only a month left now of Lent, and then I shall be back with a vengeance... probably.

This week I have been trying to wean S off Despicable Me by doing... you know... actual activities. So I  got my thinking cap on, washed out some empty plastic bottles, and painted some pasta (with glitter poster paints, of course). 

I absolutely love this photo because the sunlight makes the bottle look like it's lit up. And of course my little pickle also looks super cute. We'd started off sorting the pasta according to colour, but then ended up putting the pasta into an empty bottle instead. Luckily I kept a big old stash of empty bottles exactly for situations like this (and not at all because I am rubbish at taking the recycling out).

Other things that have happened this week... S sat down on the floor in Superdrug and refused to move until a staff member finally prised her bum off the floor by giving her one of their shiny loyalty cards... I had a food delivery from Hello Fresh and learned how to cook chickpea curry... someone asked me if I was pregnant... (I'm not pregnant)

Right, enough about me! This is the bit where you add links to your Facebook pages and blogs and we all visit each other and do the sociable thing and everything is sweet. 

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