Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sensitive Skin-Friendly Play Dough

Play dough for sensitive skin

S has the sort of skin that's sometimes a little sensitive. A while back she had some sort of eczema that eventually covered her whole body. We tried several different creams before we found one that worked. None of them made it any worse, and I had gloriously soft hands from applying it twice a day... but they didn't solve the problem. 

Meanwhile, S loves to play with play dough of any description. I usually make it with corn flour and oil, but the oil can stain her clothes - she's a bit of a mucky pup, and it tends to get everywhere. Traditional play dough has a lot of salt in it, and can make her hands dry and sore quite quickly - which is not ideal as she doesn't like to have cream on her hands. I was delighted then, when I found this post on The Imagination Tree, for play dough for sensitive skin.

The basic idea is that you mix up dough using corn flour (the God of play dough ingredients!) and cream - moisturiser, medicated cream, whatever you know works for your child. I've no idea why I didn't think of this before! I mixed ours with Diprobase, because we have tons of it, but it doesn't work for S. I added some green food colouring, because I know she's ok with colouring, and set her to playing with it.

play dough sensitive skin diprobase

I think I added too much cornflour, as it was fairly crumbly - but she enjoyed playing with it any way. She's not really into rolling out dough for shapes, as much as she is just squishing it up and making a mess any way!

Diprobase play dough

I think next time I make this, I'll use less corn flour. By the time S had finished playing with it, it had become really crumbly. Also it's worth noting here that the green on S's hand in this video is from previous colouring shenanigans, not the play dough!


  1. Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!


  2. lovely pics and a lovely little post


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