Monday, 29 April 2013

My Working Day

As you know, I recently went back to work.

I now work three days a week. On those days, this is what happens:

6am: alarm goes off. Get up, have a bath, put on an old t shirt, dry my hair.
7am: put S in high chair and give her breakfast. Do make-up while she eats. Also get all our stuff together to take with us: my handbag, S's nursery bag, my packed lunch. S's coat and sling ready to go.
7:30am: get S out of highchair, dress her in a clean outfit I prepared and brought downstairs last night. Leave her playing in the living room while I go upstairs and get dressed.
7:50ish: bundle S into the sling. Make sure I've got my handbag, packed lunch, coursebook for lunch time study, S's nursery bag.
8:am: Arrive at nursery; spend a few minutes sitting on the floor with S and her keyworker to make sure she is settled.
8:15 stop at Costa to make myself feel better for abandoning my child
8:30 start work
Midday: half-hour lunch break, spent sitting in the rec room (or outside if weather permits) reading my Child Development course book
view of radial gate with ducks
This is my lunch time view.

3:30: finish work. Mad dash around to any shops necessary
4pm: collect S from nursery. Chat to keyworker about how she's getting on. Coat on, sling on, out the door, walk home.
4:30pm: tea time.
5pm PJs time
5:30pm supper and stories
6pm bed time
6:30pm wash up, tidy living room. Clean high chair. Prepare packed lunch for tomorrow. Re-pack nursery bag to include clean clothes and enough nappies. Sort out S's outfit for the morning. Take some fruit out of the freezer for my breakfast. Ensure there is something kicking about that can be used for tea tomorrow. Attempt some studying before passing out.
All of this assumes S stays asleep once she goes to bed. Usually she wakes once or twice before I go to bed. Just lately she's not been so keen on sleeping before I'm in bed with her, and it's been very... interesting trying to fit all the essential gubbins into my evening

mum and baby cuddling
Catching up on missed cuddles
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You may find it interesting to compare this post with this one I wrote before I returned to work.


  1. I do 3 days too, it was hard going back but I love getting excited to see him. Aww bless the last picture! I saw you on tv the other day :)

    WTPP - The little lady with a baby!

    1. It's hard being at work, but it's so great picking her up from nursery! She's at the stage now where she doesn't cry when I drop her off any more, and it's clear she's had a great day! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Urgh, if I had a child and went back to work I'd have to leave no later than 8am and woudn't get home til 6.15, and that's if I can get out on time which doesn't happen very often - the poor child would be in daycare for such a long time!

    1. Yeah, my nursery has the option for kids to be in there from 8-6. I could have done that with S and gone to work from 8:30-5:30 or similar, but I don't think I would have enjoyed it so much. My days are just the right balance at the moment.

  3. Sounds like you've got into the standard mother's (as in my experience with friends, it's them who do all the getting organised for nursery etc) working day. Mine's similar in morning although I laze until 7, then have an hour to get us up and out the house. N's at nursery from 8 and has been since he was 1. He loves it (although 2 days he does nursery school 8.30-3 and I compress my hours so I can pick up on Fridays).

    It is manic, and 5 full days are hard to do - but I'm pleased that he'll be ready to do 5 full days at school compared with other children who maybe find it harder having only done fewer nursery hours.


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