Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Single Mother Ahoy baby on phone

This is a photo of S "on the phone."
She's really getting into the whole pretend play thing lately, and a big part of that is being on the phone. Anything vaguely phone shaped will do; she'll hold it up to her ear and chat away to them.
Quite often, she'll take my mobile to play phones, which is super cute, but I can never get a photo of it (because I take my photos with my phone).

S's vocabulary these days consists of "duck*," "uh-oh," "oh dear," and "whoopsie!" (think perhaps that says something about the words she hears most commonly at home) and this is what she says in between babbliny on the phone.

Last night, after bath time we had a little play in the bedroom before bed. S took my phone and started chatting away.

And then she did something she's never done before.

She said "okay!!" and hung up! She's never done either before.

I fully appreciate that for anyone who is not S's mother this is really not a big deal. But for me, it's really rather awesome.

Ethans Escapades

* I said DUCK!! We go to see the ducks a lot, she has a book with a duck in it that she loves to read, rubber ducks in the bath, we pass some duck figurines on our way to DUCK.


  1. Aw how precious! I've seen a child do this before and it's so cute, it's so clever how they pretend they are chatting away to someone xx :-) well done S

  2. Beautiful photo! I am your newest follower on Twitter @elenareviews.

  3. That is so cute :) I always loved it when mine "pretend phoned" people. i bought them tiny pretend smartphones, and they loved them! Noe my youngest is using it to pretend photos :)

  4. It's all about the small steps and this is fantastic. I love that she is saying OK like a big girl :0). Ethan never did this so it is a moment to treasure.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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