Monday, 21 October 2013

Magic Moments - Lazy Weekend In

S has been a bit poorly the last couple of weeks. Her nose has been running constantly since August, and just as I think it's starting to clear up, it gets ten times worse again. We've been back and forth to the doctor a couple of times because I'm paranoid about her chest (family is prone to eczema/asthma) and ears (father half-deaf from untreated ear infection). Last weekend they gave her antibiotics, but they don't seem to have helped her much.

So this weekend, what with the weather being rubbish and us not having any pressing engagements anywhere, I decided we'd just have a lazy weekend in.

We did have a brief trip to "big Tesco" with my mum, which S absolutely loved because it involved her three favourite things: a car trip, a ride in a trolley and getting to run around a great big shop looking at fun things. Other than that, we've stayed in.

Single Mother Ahoy Lazy Weekend

We didn't do anything special; there wasn't even any messy play involved. We just spent our time together, playing with toys and watching Shrek and chilling out.

Single Mother Ahoy Lazy Weekend

It was nice just to chill out together, and to remember that you don't need anything special to have a special time. I'm hoping that a nice chilled weekend, with a super-long nap on Saturday and an early night on Sunday will help S to finally shake off her illness and start to feel a bit better.


  1. Aw poor lit'l Miss S.. :( I hope she gets to feeling better real soon. Sick lit'l ones is never any fun.

    Other than S being under the weather it sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend and you're right, you don't need anything special to have special times.. You and S are the "special" in each others lives and ours too! :)
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Lovely to have the odd total chill weekend, and quality play time together. Hope the rest has done her (and you!0 some good x

  3. Honey i so so love weekends like this!! i love em!
    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  4. Possible my favourite #magicmoments post this week. You've just had the simplest BEST weekend ever which is ultimately spending precious time with your gorgeous child. Loved, loved, loved reading this :) #magicmoments

  5. Lovely pictures of such a happy weekend. Sometimes the ones doing nothing in particular are the best. Thank you for sharing :)


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