Saturday, 25 January 2014

Weekend Blog Hop 2014-01-25

Wow, just a month ago we were all unwrapping presents and sniping at relatives... and now it's nearly February. Doesn't time fly!

For me, this weekend is all about positive thoughts and exciting planning.
I hope you're having a fun weekend too!

I'm a little late setting up the blog hop because I was out most of yesterday... so I'll just shut up and get on with the linky part...

Link up your Facebook page here:

And link up your blog here:


  1. I am so so sorry, but my first link on the blog url is my facebook link. I was having trouble with the linky and it kept posting to the wrong link up. Now I don't know how to delete it. SORRY! I am a newbie forgive me. Love a good blog hop and also love love this saying you posted. So true!!!! I only just put up my facebook page so this is great link up thank you so much!!!!

  2. Lovely saying :)

    The blog linky thing hates me today but the Facebook one seems to be working! Have a good weekend x


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