Monday, 15 April 2013

Things I *Have* Done

That last entry was a bit miserable and negative, wasn't it. And I really dislike maudlin, miserable, self-pitying people. So here is a list of things I have done:

Abseil montage
  • I have abseiled off the top of the local college for charity, even though am petrified of heights
  • I have survived a less-than-ideal, 10-and-a-half hour premature labour.
  • I have survived a year as a single mother, and even done quite a good job at it!
  • I have breastfed S for a year. While I don't really see this as an achievement (it's the lazy option for me), others seem to.
  • I have decorated my bathroom by myself. There's paint in a lot of places other than the walls, but it's mine, and I did it myself, and I'm proud of it.
  • I have run a half marathon
  • I have climbed a mountain
  • I have survived a week of Simon Anderson Fitness Training Bootcamp. - and lost 5.5 inches in the process!
  • I have started and maintained this blog
  • I have survived a week with an abscess that I thought was sinusitis
  • I have survived having said abscess drained, and having root canal work done, without anaesthetic (more down to my dentist than me to be fair)
  • I have survived my father having a heart attack, spending 3 months in a hospital 40 miles away with a brain injury, and then dying.
  • I have survived a nasty, abusive relationship with a deeply unpleasant person, and managed to walk away and stay away. (In a lot of ways, this is still a daily achievement)
  • I have spent 3 days at a religious retreat at Buckfast Abbey and not gone bonkers through lack of contact with the outside world.
  • I have had my neck pierced. Three times.
  • I have discovered how to make the best brownies in the world. Ever.
  • I have learned to accept that some days, you do the washing up instead of the vacuuming, the story time instead of tackling the washing pile. 
I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself today, actually! 

What are your greatest achievements?

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  1. Fab list, I think you need to stick that on the fridge and the next time you have a previous post day stand in front of it! You should be proud!

  2. This is really an inspiring list! You should indeed feel pleased with yourself. And it's ok to have lists like the previous one. That's life. What you could do is going back and change that previous list from 'I have not' to 'I will' and see how different it looks!


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